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January 18, 2015 · Print This Article

Start getting your company noticed by using a digital printing company to create display banners for you. If you happen to find yourself in Montague Gardens, Minuteman Press can aid you in the creation of effective banners today. At events, you will need to be handing out fliers, business cards, pamphlets, just to name a few. The more eye catching your material is, the greater the likelihood of leaving an impression on the customer. One of the best ways to stand out is by using a well-designed display banner. This is where Minuteman Press comes in. we offer you a wide scale of full colour large format printing and can assist you in getting you brand recognised today.

Consider these things when designing your banner

Display banners carry many advantages, however the biggest is that a thought provoking, well-designed banner is sure to get you noticed. When someone is walking through a number of stalls, the banner that stands out the most is surely the one that is going to grasp their attention. There are certain things to consider when designing a banner:

  • Colour – your colours will either be your best friends or worst enemies
  • Size – you want to make an impression, therefore choosing the right size of display banner is vital
  • Visuals – you need to take into account which images you wish to display on the banner and why. Once again as with colour, these could either get you noticed, or confuse your potential clients
  • Text – ensure your banner does not look like the first page of a newspaper. Too much text is cumbersome and will steer your audience clear of you without a problem

After reading the above paragraph, it is evident that a lot of consideration needs to go into your banner’s design before printing. Luckily Minuteman Press can assist you every step of the way, with our team of highly skilled graphic designers to help you create all the visuals you will need, to our professional printing team. Contact us to see how we can assist you today.

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