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February 4, 2015 · Print This Article

Letterheads still have a place in the world of business, despite the fact that most of the communication between companies and their clients is now done via email.

Thanking clients for their patronage, for instance, is something that shouldn’t be done using electronic means, because it lacks the personal touch needed to make it come across as sincere. A thank you email, even if written especially for a client, always makes people wonder if this isn’t just a standard correspondence that gets sent out automatically upon the completion of business.

If you receive a letter of thanks via the post that is printed on a piece of paper with a personalised letterhead, however, it goes without saying that a considerable amount of effort was put into thanking you and therefore this note of thanks must be sincere.

Another activity that has become common practice, but has proven itself not to be very effective, is to inform clients of specials on products and/or services via email. Most people find this irritating and usually don’t even read these emails and some have even gone as far as to put blocks in place that ensure these mails don’t get through to their inbox.

So, how should you inform clients of specials on products and/or services? Well, how about sending them a catalogue or a brochure via post that is accompanied by a letter with a personalised letterhead? This will definitely convince people to take at least one good look.

If the above points have convinced you to have letterheads made, you should consider having them made at Minuteman Press in Brits. We have the design software and necessary skill to design a letterhead that is sure to make an impression. You can also rest assured that your letterhead will be printed on high quality paper, using high quality ink and we even have great bulk discounts.

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