Give your office stationery their own brand identity

January 24, 2016 · Print This Article

Stationery forms part of the office space in all shapes and forms. Whether you own a large corporation or a small office, your employees as well as customers will come in contact with your stationery on a daily basis.

How many times have we asked to borrow a pen or vice versa? Branding stationery is key for this very reason, to create an opportunity to expose your business at the maximum level. Word of mouth is still key in business and the more that pen, paper or envelope gets passed around, the more people will come to know about your business. This means one thing: more potential customers.

Stationery consists of commercially manufactured writing materials, including paper, envelopes, writing implements and other office supplies.

Branding your name or logo on stationery is vital for the interpretation of your business. It is what separates the more detail orientated companies from the ones who overlook the minor aspects of the business. No client or customer wants to deal with someone who is not detailed, organised and uniformed. Even during these times of technology, one cannot deny that branded stationery is very useful for when there is no access available to technology.

The most obvious reason for branding stationery is that it acts as a continuous marketing tool. Every time the customer uses that pen, or looks at the paper, or slips something under that magnet, they will think of you and your business.

Branding stationery needs to be done correctly. Make sure to choose a professional printing company that will ensure that you have an appropriate design, quality prints and can give you the most cost effective options. Contact us today for more information.