Grow your business with a direct mail postcard campaign

May 18, 2017 · Print This Article

Do you want to know one of the best ways to gain exposure for your business? Direct mail – sending information about your products and services straight to the post boxes of your potential clients. And the best marketing materials to use for direct mail are postcards.


Postcards are straightforward. They allow the recipient to see what you’re about without having to even open an envelope. Plus, they allow for a simple yet impactful message that can appeal to your target market.


Here are some tips to consider when putting together a direct mail postcard campaign:


  • The front of the card should be a simple, striking design with a strong message. The back of the postcard should contain more detailed information. The information should not be too extensive however: it should rather act as an incentive for people to contact you or visit your website.


  • Include only one primary message on the front of the postcard. You may have multiple products or services but choose just one to focus on, otherwise the postcard design becomes cluttered and confusing. You can always mention other services on the back of the card using bullet points.


  • Print full colour on the front and black-and-white on the back. This not only saves you costs, but also is easier on the eye. The main message of the campaign is obvious to recipients. More detailed information is easier to digest when it is simply formatted in one colour.


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