How a graphic designer can deal with creative block

February 6, 2014 · Print This Article

All professionals, at some point in time, have to deal with a block that prevents them from going forward in a particular task. Graphic designers and illustrators deal with creative block from time and time where they cannot find inspiration or motivation to complete the task at hand.

How to deal with a creative block?

Given below are a few tips that graphic designers follow to deal with a creative block:

Focus on learning new things: If you’re finding it difficult to come up with new ideas or illustrations, go back to the drawing board and learn new concepts – whether its silk screen printing, web design or anything else that interests you.

Do not force yourself to be creative: When facing a creative block, just relax and do not take on any new work. Also avoid doing personal work until you feel better. However, this may not always work when you have looming deadlines!

Retrospect and introspect: During a creative block, look back at your portfolio and all the great work you have done. Tell yourself that this block is just temporary and you are still moving in the right direction in your career. And who knows, you may find some inspiration!

Find inspiration in others: Visit forums and blogs to see what other professionals are doing and help them if they need any advice. Having a brainstorming session with friends can help too!

Clean out the mess: Most times, our blogs, websites, hard drives and portfolios are in a mess. When faced with a creative block, take time out to clear and reorganize your creative life.

So, for all you graphic designers out there, now you know how to get out of a creative block and feel inspired again! For more tips and suggestions, contact us today!

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