How a presentation folder can benefit your business

June 15, 2015 · Print This Article

A presentation folder can say so much for your professional image. It shows potential clients or investors that you have a well put together, organized business mentality Picture this, instead of being subjected to unruly loose A4 pages, losing one in the car on the way back to the office and being left with only part of the information you supplied them with, if you had presented your client with an aesthetically pleasing folder, they would not only be impressed, but furthermore, be able to keep your information in one secure place and not be subject to losing valuable parts of your presentation.

A few designing tipsĀ 

The most beneficial size to produce your presentation folder in is generally a folder big enough to house A4 paper, as by rule of thumb, most business documents are printed in this size. This is however your decision ultimately at the end of the day, because you know which size your company needs. If you release a series of A6 booklets quarterly, then an A4 sized folder would be somewhat superfluous. Another key component you should consider incorporating into your folder is a business card slit. This will enable you to slip a business card into each folder prior to your presentation, leaving your clients not only equipped with the correct document, but also with your contact information.

Contact the best help availableĀ 

When considering the option of introducing presentation folders into your work, be sure to enlist the help of a competent print house. Minuteman Press Menlyn will not only be able to assist you in the printing and design of your folders, but we also offer a number of other services within the printing realm. Be sure to contact us today for any help you may need.