How an X Frame banner can aid your display advertising

June 9, 2015 · Print This Article

Display advertising is a form of advertising in which things such as banners, calendars, signs and billboards are used to get your points across to the public. There are various forms of banners which can be created to help you get noticed, however the X frame is fast growing in popularity.

What an X frame is 

X frames, also known as spider frames or non-roll ups have become a very popular choice to advertise. They are a great way of getting a message across in a manner that is sharp and attractive without causing too much of a fuss.

This inexpensive, lightweight non-retractable banner is ideal for short term or one-off promotions. Or if you want to keep using it for ongoing promotions, ensure that you use a generic template in terms of the printed text so that there are no specific dates or times. The X frame is a very simple structure making it easy for you to set up without having to expend too much time in the process.

Which X frame will suit your need? 

X frames come in various sizes, but the most common ones are the smaller ones in the range which are easier to store away when not in use. However you can request any size that is suitable for you depending on their stock availability.

X frames are perfect to position in a corner of a conference room. With a sturdy, durable frame you can expect great quality and a non-breakable product if handled with care. The prints are done on durable PVC which is of high quality. This PVC prevents curling and will keep the banner like new.

If you get a professional printing firm to design and layout your X frame you can expect a top quality finish, with little to no distortion or pixilation on the poster. You will also get an X frame poster that can be used outdoors irrespective of the weather, due to its quality finish.

Be sure to give Minuteman Press Germiston a call today for all your printing display material needs. Start reaping the benefits of display advertising through X frames.

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