How corporate identity helps small businesses establish their brand

October 24, 2015 · Print This Article

Do not fall into the trap that some start-up companies commonly fall into. They make the mistake of thinking that professional graphic design services and creating a powerful corporate identity is for large companies only. Small businesses catering to a small portion of the market need a corporate identity just as much as a large business does. If your target audience doesn’t know you’re there, how will you generate income and expand your business?

You need a well designed corporate image that sets you apart from your competitors and help to establish your company amongst potential consumers as well as suppliers and distributors. Typically speaking, a strategic corporate identity combo should incorporate a business logo with catchy slogan, letterheads, business cards, email signatures, envelopes, invoices, presentation folders and more. Let’s not forget, your business will also need a website designed and the address should be printed on all of your corporate stationery.

Top reasons why you need a corporate identity designed now:

  • Earn your company credibility on the market.
  • Build brand recognition.
  • Entice and engage your target audience.

A professional graphic designer will be able to design your company logo, business cards, letterheads and similar, to look professional and be easy to read and understand. By acquiring the right graphic design services, you can ensure your business receives the attention it deserves and reaps the rewards of a strategic marketing campaign made better by a corporate brand that exudes quality and professionalism.

Minuteman Press in Rivonia offers corporate identity design and start-up business printing combos

As a new business it’s best to order a variety of printed and branded items right from the start. Ensure all of your branding is tied in together. At Minuteman Press in Rivonia we offer our clients affordable start-up business printing combos which include all the design and printing services a new business requires to succeed in the highly competitive advertising and marketing field. What’s in your combo pack? We include logo design, business cards, invoice books, letterheads, email signatures, presentation folders, websites and more.

Contact us at Minuteman Press in Rivonia today to learn more about our graphic design services and cost-effective printing services.

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