How many printed calendars do you have at home?

November 8, 2014 · Print This Article

On the fridge? On the kitchen door? Behind the toilet door? Next to the phone? On the pin-board? In your purse/wallet?

The average household has 5 calendars spread around the house and handbags/wallets.  Most of us look at a calendar more than once per day… do you think that a calendar with your company name and contact details may generate new business, or repeat business?

Have you ever wondered why some of your previous customers do not re-order? If they were happy with your service and product quality, it could be as simple as the fact that they don’t have your contact details.

(This is a test: In less than 1 minute, can you find the contact number of the plumber that replaced your burst geyser?)

The easiest way to ensure that you are found when your products or services are needed, is to put your contact details on a calendar… it is going to go on a door, a fridge, or a desk… for 365 days in 2015. It does not matter whether you include a 2015 calendar in your December invoice mail, or whether you post it as a Post Office mailbox insert, or whether it is on your lobby counter as a freebie for any passer-by to pick-up, or whether you hand it out at robots, or whether you do a street mail-drop… as long as you get your contact details out on the most common low-tech “app”.

We are specialists in your calendar options. We can give you advice on the most appropriate option for your requirements. We can help you decide whether you need credit card-size calendars, soccer/cricket/rugby fixtures calendars, birthday calendars as Christmas gifts, religious calendars, up-market “my-calendar-is-better-than-yours” company calendars, a single calendar for a special person, a product-calendar that clients can use a reference for 365 days in 2015… wow! the list of options is inexhaustible…it is only your imagination or requirements that determines what we can do for you. And we can.

We would like to help you to get the most bang out of your buck with your 2015 calendar. We have an extensive range of options, from pre-printed calendars where we only overprint your company details, to online design calendars where you do your thing for free with your own photographs, to custom-made calendars based on your specifications.

So please click on any of these links, or if that does not provide you with the options that you are looking for, then call us now on 011 678 8250 so that we can help you to keep your contact details in front of potential clients for 365 days in 2015.

The clock is ticking and you still have to have them printed and distributed before 16 December. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW!

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