How Pretoria CBD Minuteman Press’ holiday cards strengthen relationships

November 22, 2015 · Print This Article

Exchanging holiday cards has become a long standing tradition amongst business associates, a simple communication method which helps to strengthen corporate relationships by saying thanks to the people who make your business possible. Many companies are going for eCards now, which are sent electronically, rather than relying on the postal system. However, a holiday card done right can have more impact than an eCard.

Stylish design and warm greetings are the perfect tools for increasing brand awareness and reaching business contacts who are perhaps not existing clients. For small businesses, a personal card will have more impact than an electronic one. So how does one go about designing a holiday card that will deepen relationships, drive sales and grow your business? Here are some suggestions:

  • Personalise your cards: Generic printed cards are dry and lack personality, it is worth the time it takes to write a line or two and address the card to a specific individual.
  • Ensure they are professional: Using premium paper and a good printer will indicate your business cares and is all about quality. Every interaction with your customers is a chance to reinforce your brand, so a tacky cheap card will actually do damage. Ensure you use your logo on the card.
  • Keep them neutral: Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so keep your message neutral, by referring to the ‘Holiday Season’ and the New Year ahead.
  • Send them in plenty of time: The postal system gets jammed close to the end of the year, so ensure you get your cards out in plenty of time. A card arriving after the client has closed their business for the holidays will have no impact and could actually make your business look sloppy for getting the timing wrong. If you are in the position to drop cards off, then you are ensured of their arrival.

And the benefits of sending holiday cards? A well designed card is unbeatable in bringing your business front of mind to those receiving it. A card featuring either a design synonymous with your brand or a group photo of your team is more likely to be circulated than a boring snow scene. Since it’s virtually impossible to keep in touch with all your clients all the time, a holiday card is a great way of staying in touch. A card received at the right time may just spark a sales opportunity.

Printing companies such as Minuteman Press in Pretoria, CBD, have a lot of experience in designing and printing greeting cards of all kinds. They can advise on a wide range of issues that may come up, such as paper quality and what to include in the card. Using their graphic design service is money well spent, as you will get a beautiful card that will create the impact you need.

Contact Minuteman Press today to chat about your options in designing a corporate holiday card. While you are at it, have a look at their vast range of other services and products, all aimed at fulfilling your business requirements.