How to avoid common mistakes in your newsletters

March 10, 2012 · Print This Article

Newsletters sometimes don’t meet their readers’ expectations because the people  that put it together have made some common mistakes. These errors occur in many newsletters but they can be easily fixed, which will make your newsletter better all round.

The first common mistake is that newsletters are not published often enough. Newsletters should be published regularly and if a commitment has been made to release one monthly, you need to live up to that promise. People will lose interest if you send out irregular newsletters.

One of the reasons that most companies battle to meet their newsletter schedule is that the task is often handed over to a staff member in addition to their regular duties. It can take up to 50 hours to compile material, write articles, source images, layout as well as proof read a simple four page newsletter. There are two options in this situation – hire an outside company to handle the production of the newsletter or spread the task around the workforce and nominate one person to collate all of the material.

A second common mistake is to use headlines that don’t accurately reflect the content of the article or which are bland and boring. Headlines should be descriptive and should pique the interest of the reader. A catchy headline will prompt the reader to look through the article.

A good rule of thumb is to create a headline that is a complete sentence which contains a verb. For example, a bad headline would be ‘Spotlight on Customer Feedback’. A good headline would be ‘Client Says Outstanding Service Keeps Him Coming Back.’ Make sure all of the headlines are bigger than the article text and that the headlines and the sub-headline are different sizes. This creates visual interest.

Laying out all of the articles in a one column format is another common mistake. A three column layout is recommended for a standard A4 newsletter. Graphics and photos are also important as they draw the reader in and make the newsletter look more interesting. Link the photos to the articles to make them relevant.

In summary, look at your newsletters and check to see if any of these mistakes appear:

  • Irregular publication
  • Dull and boring headlines
  • Multiple fonts in different sizes across articles
  • One column stories throughout the entire newsletter
  • No photos or graphics

If any of these appears in your newsletters, work on fixing them according to the tips mentioned above.

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