How to compile compelling newsletters

March 26, 2012 · Print This Article

Newsletters are a great marketing resource for many companies. They provide contact with customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads and can establish the company as an industry expert based on the useful information in articles.

The reader’s attention needs to be attracted, either by content, design or format. There are many different types of newsletters and the task of creating compelling content can be tackled in three steps – branding, content and production.

The first step is to brand the newsletter to match the look and feel of the company. It is a good idea to choose a personality for the newsletter, be it light hearted, serious or educational. A colour scheme and font should also be chosen. It is better to keep these consistent across the newsletter as it looks more professional. The company logo should feature on the masthead of the newsletters. Decide on printing or e-mail delivery options, taking the demographics of the target audience into consideration. For example, pensioners prefer to receive newsletters in a printed format but corporate executives will prefer a concise e-mailed version.

Creating content for your newsletter

Content development involves deciding on the number of sections and articles, which includes both written and graphical elements. Newsletters generally have four sections – for example, a tourism insurance company may have Tourism News, Insurance News, Wildlife News and Company News.

Royalty free images can be sourced from websites such as Stock Photos and these can be used to improve the overall look of the newsletter by breaking up large chunks of text and providing points of interest on each page.

Newsletter production can include the following elements:

  • Design or template – a graphic designer can produce a unique newsletter template or a template can be downloaded online. These are easy to edit and different colours and fonts can be used.
  • Create an email account – another option is to subscribe to an online email newsletter service and create the newsletters using the online templates.

Remember to always proofread the newsletters before sending them out and be sure to follow up on the traffic or comments generated once it has been received.

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