How to create great newsletters

March 29, 2012 · Print This Article

Most companies have newsletter that is sent out to staff and customers. Newsletters are one of the easiest and most cost-effective tools in a marketing arsenal but if they are not designed and written correctly, they can completely miss the mark.

In general, it is a good idea to use newsletters from competitors and other companies in the market to see what type of newsletters work best and what readers want to see. While colour is the best option when it comes to newsletters, black and white also works provided the articles are interesting and relevant. The company’s employees can be approached to write articles on their area of expertise and a team should be appointed to oversee the production of the newsletter.

In terms of specific tips to ensure readability and maximum impact, consider these newsletter tips:

  • Choose a great name – be creative and have fun choosing a name for the newsletter.
  • Cut down on the sales pitch – readers do not want to be overwhelmed with sales propaganda. Rather use a subtle sales approach by linking the newsletter articles to products and services by highlighting how they can address the issues that were raised.
  • Use the third person – model the newsletter writing after the type of language and phrasing that gets used in newsletters. If, however, you offer a personal service, consider a first person approach.
  • Be conversational but informative – don’t use formal language. It is better to use simple and easy to understand language and avoid technical references unless your readership includes a lot of industry experts.
  • Choose a great first page story – this should be of interest to the readers and should be attention grabbing. If they read the first page, they will probably read the rest of the newsletter. Don’t use the ‘Message from the President’ or Chairman on the front page – use the space more effectively.

If a newsletter is created and maintained keeping these tips in mind, it will accumulate a readership that will follow it loyally.

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