How to create successful email newsletters

March 21, 2012 · Print This Article

It can be frustrating when the newsletters that you have spent hours working on don’t generate the traffic that you anticipated. The mistake could be in the way in which the newsletter was developed. Our simple “How To” process will ensure that your email newsletters push traffic to your website and generate leads.

Set goals

The first step is to define the goals of the newsletter – do you need it to drive traffic to your website or blog? Do you want to develop a customer community or build or reinforce a brand? A newsletter could have numerous goals but it is a good idea to choose one to be a primary focus.

Your newsletters should have a consistent voice, depending on the type of company and the products and services you offer. For example, an insurance company would use a formal tone and a children’s group would probably use an informal, chatty tone. Avoid overt sales pitches and strong hyped up language as this can be off putting to readers.

Create value for your readers

Newsletters should be used to build value. Readers will be loyal provided the newsletter is giving them something that they can use and which they find interesting. Choose articles that are relevant to your readers and gives them useful information. Listen to the feedback from your readers and tailor your content to match what they need and want.

Newsletters should be tracked to find out if they are being read and if the readers are engaging with the content. There are a number of software programmes that can assist with this, such as Aweber and Get Response. See what links in the newsletters get clicks as this will give insight into what the readers are interested in and you can then focus on these areas.

In light of the new Consumer Protection Act, you will need to get your readers to subscribe to the newsletter. Readers should also be given the option of opting out of receiving the newsletter. This can be included at the bottom of the newsletter.

In order to meet all expectations and objectives, an email newsletter should:

  • Have a clearly defined aim
  • Should be written in a tone that matches the company and its products or services
  • Should build value for the readers
  • Should be easily readable
  • Should be tracked
  • Should include opt in and opt out options

By following these easy to apply tips, your email newsletter can meet all of the goals laid out at inception.

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