How to Create Unique Year-End Event Invitations

October 8, 2015 · Print This Article

At the end of each year, most companies throw year-end parties to celebrate their achievements. Employers and employees look forward to this event with great excitement. It gives both employees and stakeholders a chance to meet and connect in informal settings and is the perfect time to inspire people as the New Year approaches. However, it all starts with your event invitations.

Year-end parties and events are typically informal which gives you a lot of room during online design and printing. If you can afford it, or have an in-house team, enlist the services of graphic designers in Fourways, which will allow you to merge different aspects to create a unique, outstanding and catchy invitation.

Everything about the invite, from the phrasing to the logo design and materials used should work towards psyching up your attendees and making them feel welcome and special. You may as well choose to mail an e-vite with just a few sentences, but you want to do something that will resonate with the attendees, which in large part contributes to the eventual success or lack thereof.

How to choose materials

Don’t be afraid to play around with shapes and materials for the party. Make it bright, bouncy and playful, which tells your audience to expect the same once they get to the party. Logo design services can help you incorporate a few aspects of your brand image into the entire design, and you can include other creative ideas without clashing.

Get professional help

While you are allowed to play around with the material, shape, colour, design and other aspects, remember you’re hosting a corporate event, which means any errors will be a poor reflection on the company. Far better it is to have a simple but detailed and well-phrased invite than to choose a wrongly executed creative design.

Professional graphic design services will be invaluable, if your budget allows it. From your lettering styles to the colours, be sure you have taken care of every detail. Ask two or more people to proof the invite and then do so yourself before giving the green light to start printing the invitations.

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