How to create your own family calendar with our design services

July 3, 2016 · Print This Article

It might still be the first half of 2016, but it is never too early to plan for 2017. Why not consider a family calendar as a gift for next year? It is a sure way to make your loved ones feel special. At Minuteman Press Boksburg, where we are proud of our team of talented staff and top-of-the-range equipment, software and design services, one of our areas of expertise is calendars. All you have to do is bring in 12 photographs or collages and we will produce a custom, full-colour calendar just for you.

Fun ideas for a special family calendar

  • Consider what photographs you would like to include. It takes time to sift through the family albums over the years, but the process is rewarding once you find those childhood favourites of your kids growing up.
  • Alternatively, you could spend some time sourcing new photographs for your calendar, and a photo shoot with the whole family is a fantastic opportunity to get some new shots. Of course, you could take your own shots, even planning a day of dress up with props. A seasonal feel is also a great idea, with shots aligned with the months of the year, such as using an umbrella for the rainy season.
  • The colour scheme is also important, where you should think about whether you want the calendar to have a degree of uniformity in terms of colour or if you wish it to display different colours for each page.
  • Carefully consider other design features, such as additional imagery, the font to be used and the layout of the days and months. While decorative, a calendar also needs to be practical and easy to navigate, where your design ought to facilitate the use of the calendar.

At Minuteman Press Boksburg, we are here to meet all your needs when it comes to printing, copying and design services. From personal items, such as the design and printing of family calendars and wedding invitations, to business-related needs, such as business cards, catalogues and flyers, we do it all. For more information on our vast array of products and services, or to start planning your family calendar, contact Minuteman Press Boksburg today.

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