How to design an effective catalogue

August 1, 2016 · Print This Article

There is no doubt that catalogues form an important part of a customer’s buying habits. It is often best to integrate your offline printed catalogue with your online version, so that customers can quickly reference their catalogue and find further information and place orders online. The trick to effective catalogue marketing is to create one that they want to read. Make it eye catching, interesting and simple to understand.

At Minuteman Press in Bedfordview we help many clients to plan, design and print catalogues for all types of businesses and products. As such, we have extensive knowledge on what is more likely to work in various markets. Below are a few of our top tips to clients on the design of an effective catalogue:

  • Always have your target audience in mind. For instance, if your products are aimed at teenagers, design a catalogue that will appeal to them. Avoid making it look and sound too corporate or you might lose their interest.
  • Make the catalogue visually appealing. Yes, most catalogues make use of product images, but really make sure that they are good images. Don’t download images from decades back and expect them to look good in your new catalogue. Spend some time on photography – you won’t regret it.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cross sell products. When featuring a product in your catalogue that works well with other products that you offer – suggest that clients check that product out too and ensure that it is also detailed in your catalogue. Statistics show that you can increase your sales between 5% and 15%.
  • Choose a size that isn’t inconvenient to the target audience. A4 size is a typical size for a catalogue – or slightly smaller. You want your customers to be able to easily carry the catalogue with their other paperwork or folders. If you want to make an impression by designing an extra large catalogue, you might not get the best reception from your target audience.

One of the biggest tips of all is to ensure that your product catalogue looks absolutely professional. Don’t struggle over trying to design something on Microsoft Word or Paint. Chat to a professional designer about assisting you with the design and layout.

Minuteman Press in Bedfordview offers professional catalogue design and printing

At Minuteman Press in Bedfordview we offer professional design, layout and printing services for catalogues, brochures, business cards and even envelopes. Whatever your design and printing needs are, we can assist you affordably at Minuteman Press in Bedfordview.

For more information and advice or to chat to our design and printing team, contact us at Minuteman Press today.