How to design an effective letterhead for your Bedfordview business

February 1, 2016 · Print This Article

Make use of a well-designed letterhead to ensure that your corporate branding is a success. It makes a huge difference. Letterheads certainly offer a marketing opportunity to businesses and if yours isn’t grabbing the attention of your existing and potential customers, you’re doing it wrong! To get the most out of your letterhead and corporate branding design, you will need to ensure that you take a few tips into consideration. Tactile and eye-catching letterheads that are effective can be designed by following these expert tips:

  • Keep things simple – you might be tempted to go for an elaborate design that’s busy and detailed, but remember that a client isn’t going to pay as much close attention to your design as you are. Chances are that they will miss all of the good stuff if they feel overwhelmed by a busy letterhead. The letterhead is the delivery mechanism. It introduces the content and gives it credibility – it’s not the content itself.
  • Use professional software or a designer’s services – if you are going to design a letterhead, make sure that you use professional software. If you design your letterhead using Microsoft Word, it’s certainly not going to look as upmarket and professional as one designed in Photoshop. If you don’t have design skills and the required software, turn to professional graphic designers to assist you.
  • Tie your overall theme and company image in together – when designing a letterhead, it’s not just about pasting your logo to the top of the page. Really try to customise the document. Choose colours, fonts and icons that all fit in with each other for a more professional and neat look and appeal.

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