How to design your presentation folder in Hatfield

July 9, 2015 · Print This Article

When you begin designing your presentation folder for your company in Hatfield, there are a few things to take into consideration. They are a vital part of your office stationary and should therefore be thoroughly thought out before production. It is crucial to plan the design as you do not want to get 5000 printed only to realise you have misspelt an integral part of your company’s URL address, or something of the sort. Therefore, be sure to follow these tips to make sure this does not happen.

Be sure to plan ahead 

Make sure you know which objects will be going into the folder. Both the size and the amount of items which you want to include are of great importance here, as this will determine both the length of your entire folder as well as the width of your gutter in the spine. Ask about the range of standard “dies” available. Most probably one of them would satisfy your needs and you will then avoid having to make an expensive new “die”.

Follow a theme throughout 

Your folders need to match the feel of your entire company. If your colour scheme throughout is gunmetal and charcoal, you don’t really want your presentation folder embossed in hot pink with lavender finishes. Understand the look of your company and be sure to emulate that.

Make use of the correct imagery 

Firstly, ensure the images you choose to portray on your presentation folder tie in to your company’s general feel. Secondly and very importantly, do not use low res small stock images you have found on the internet. These will almost definitely pixelate when you enlarge them to fit across the folder, leaving it looking like poor workmanship and unappealing.

Seek help from the best 

Finally, your last step which you need to be sure of is your choice in printers. An unprofessional printer can leave your folder looking unfinished and an eyesore. This is why you should make it your mission to team up with Minuteman Press Hatfield today. We are a well established printing company with a reliable and efficient staff, always willing to help our customers however we can. Let us help you how we know best and give us a call now.

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