How to get professional looking DIY graphic designs online

February 13, 2013 · Print This Article

If your business is in Kempton Park and you are looking to do some online graphic design work on your business cards, we have some DIY tips for you.

Business cards are an essential part of your marketing media campaign and can project an image of professionalism to outsiders, creating a favourable first impression for potential clients. Here are a few things that professional-looking business cards can do for your business:

  • Build your brand: Building your company’s branding is important for its future success. It has been proven that consumers prefer dealing with a trusted brand rather than an unknown entity. You will help establish your presence in the market by creating identifiable, catchy logos, images and slogans that you can use on your business cards.
  • Share information: Your business card is often the initial introduction a potential client will have to your brand. It should be easy to read, contain all your contact details and be the right size for a wallet. This will ensure that when a potential client wants to get hold of you, everything they need is easily at hand.
  • Unforgettable: Using graphic design effectively to create visually stunning and appealing marketing material will make your company stand out from the crowd. Use your carefully chosen designs to link all your marketing media, including your business cards, to make your business unforgettable.
  • Add value to the company: Investing in high-quality, uniform graphic designs on everything from newsletters to business cards will ultimately result in your company becoming a recognised brand, adding value to your business.

Minuteman Press Kempton Park has a database of support information to inspire you, and allows you to work on business cards with their easy-to-use online graphic design tool, ShopMinuteman.

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