How to get the best business card printing in Paarl

January 20, 2015 · Print This Article

A business card is like the sword you will use as a businessman. Therefore getting the best business card printing in Paarl is definitely to your advantage if you want to cut the contenders down and get yourself noticed. A business card speaks vast amounts on your behalf in your absence. It gives your potential clients a good feel of who you are. If your card is sloppy and illegible they will associate this look with you and your business acumen. Therefore, give out the best by knowing how to.

What counts when making a business card 

When designing your business card, you need to consider a few things on a deeper level. These things are:

Colours. Not only do your colours need to be visually stimulating, grabbing the attention which you seek, but you also need to ensure that the do no conflict with one another. For example, if you have two colours on your card (one for the background and one for the text) which do not gel well together, your prospective client will throw your card away due to it being difficult to read.

Text. Whilst swirling, pretty ethereal texts can be visuals appealing, your business card needs to immediately be legible. Therefore going for a bold, stronger text will play in your favour. Size when it comes to text is also vital, rather sacrifice content and only put the necessary details down instead of trying to cram all information into one space through tiny text. Less is more.

Size. Be sure that your business card is essentially the same siza as a credit card. The people whom you will be distributing this to will either slip it into their wallet or business card holder and if it doesn’t fit, then it is an irritating loose piece of card floating about in their pocket. 

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