How to make your business card stand out

March 3, 2016 · Print This Article

Is the business card still relevant? Has it been overtaken by the digital options? You may wonder what the point is of a business card when most people can simply turn to LinkedIn or Google to find your details, but in fact, your business card speaks a thousand words. Handing your business card to a potential client at a cocktail party acts as a conversation starter; it’s also more professional than saying, “You can like me on Facebook!”

Your business card is the part of your business you leave behind and it should leave a lasting impression.

Details – less is more

Don’t overdo the contact options – think about where you engage the most with your clients, for example, do you usually interact via cellphone or email? Only add contact details that you frequently use – less is definitely more here.

If you’re active and engaging on social media, then add your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest details. It’s worth adding your blog link if you actually offer a fantastic blog, otherwise, leave it out.

Follow current trends

  • Low Polygon designs are all the rage. Originally used in the video-gaming world, the “retro” technique allows you to highlight specific aspects of the card through a 3D or 2D effect. The result is a modern, edgy, on-trend card.
  • To retain your clients’ interest, dynamic logos (logos which constantly change) are considered the way forward. They enable a company to retain their brand’s image, while offering something fresh each time. The process doesn’t need to involve major changes to the logo each time, but rather small tweaks in colour and size.
  • Previously, it was considered more professional to make use of uppercase fonts but nowadays the trend is to use lowercase.
  • Lastly, consider using photos on your business cards. It may cost more, but it will definitely set you apart and be visually more enticing.

Contact Minuteman Press Tygervalley, Bellville today if you need help designing your business cards.

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