How to prepare your documents for bulk black and white copies

February 23, 2013 · Print This Article

Are you in Randburg and looking to get bulk black and white copies of your documents? It may seem like you’ve got yourself sorted out, but there are a few things you need to consider before you rush out and order 1000 copies. Here are some tips and tricks for preparing your documents for bulk black and white copies.

  1. Make sure the document is signed off.
    Usually big companies have certain personnel that need to sign off on particular documents before they’re distributed. Make sure you know exactly who needs to sign off and have them sign off the original well before before five hundred incorrect copies are made!
  2. Sub-edit and proofread.
    The same must be said about sub-editing and proofreading documents. The last thing you want to do is distribute an official document filled with incorrect facts and spelling errors. This reflects poorly on you as well as on the company you work for. If you have to, hire a professional to look it over and give it their stamp of approval.
  3. Give yourself enough time.
    It’s a bad idea to only have the document ready the day before you need a thousand copies ready for distribution. You have to give yourself and the bulk copying service a decent amount of time to get the job the done properly. If you have a few weeks, start planning now, and that way you have time to get all the proofreading and signing off done well in advance. A good idea is to contact your local printing company as early as you can and get a quote. This way you will find out exactly how long it will take to do the number of copies you need. Once you have confirmation, add an extra day just in case of any hiccups, and then you have a comfortable target to have your document ready by.

Keep these three tips in mind when getting bulk copies done and you can save yourself a lot of time and money. All set and ready to go? Contact Minuteman Press in Randburg for bulk black and whites copies in a jiffy.

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