How to print the inserts and booklets of CD’s

November 20, 2011 · Print This Article

If you are printing CD inserts and booklets, it has to look professional. Litho printing is commonly used to reproduce art, which makes it the best printing method for these types of jobs. If you want crystal clear graphics, smooth finishes and a completely professional look and feel, litho printing is the way to go.

Using Litho to print the inserts and booklets of CD’s

Your first point of action would be to get the design right. Download templates to get the exact CD cover measurements (and be sure to include the tiny spine – which will just have the artist’s name and the title of the album – in your design). Play around with different colours and remember that the CD inserts will be placed behind the plastic covering of the CD holder, so you want to make sure the copy – such as song titles – is clear and easy to read.

When designing the booklets, be sure to not create too many pages. If the CD booklet is too thick, the CD holder won’t be able to close properly. You will be printing on both sides of the page, so if you have extra space, try to fill it up with interesting graphics or pictures of the artist.

Here are some of the reasons why litho printing is the best option for printing CD inserts and booklets:

  • High quality production. Litho printing is guaranteed to produce high quality images. If you are designing interesting graphics and using unique colour combinations, litho printing is the printing method that will bring your CD inserts and booklets to life.
  • A relatively high printing speed. As soon as the printing plates are set up, the printing process can begin. Litho machines are able to print at rapid rates, ensuring that you get your CD inserts and booklets are ready within a short amount of time.
  • Lower costs for bulk printing. Litho printing is the ideal method for printing CD inserts and booklets because the unit price will decrease as your print volume increases, making it an economical option for bulk printing.

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