How to promote your website with postcards

November 17, 2011 · Print This Article

When thinking of ways to promote your website, postcard marketing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Having an online presence is essential in today’s technology-driven environment, but this doesn’t mean that online marketing initiatives should be your first (or only) point of contact with potential clients.

Combining traditional marketing materials, such as postcards, with online advertising is a great way to create awareness about your products and services. When you use postcards as your first point of contact, you are able to establish a relationship with the prospective client – let them know that you have something to offer that can solve their problems or meet their needs. If you are able to include a website URL in the text of your postcard, you are basically creating the second point of contact in your sales funnel.

Ways to promote your business

  • Combine your postcard marketing with a special offer: Keep your postcard design as simple and straightforward as possible. Simply state what you have to offer and where people can get more information about the deal – then provide your website URL instead of your office’s telephone number or street address. This way, you can create longer pages on your website (which can include specific details about your products and services). This works exceptionally well because you don’t usually have lots of space at your disposal with postcard marketing. Leading potential clients to your website gives you full control of the information you want your target audience to read.
  • Launch a competition: Intrigue potential clients with a competition. When you print postcards, you can tell readers that you’ve got a special prize to give away (or that you are giving away mass discounts to a specific number of customers who received postcards). You can then ask readers a question and tell them they can find the answer to the question on your website. This way, you will be offering readers a chance to win a prize, while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to find out more about other products and services your company offers.

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