How to use email newsletters to increase website traffic

March 23, 2012 · Print This Article

Most email newsletters can be used to boost organic search traffic to a company’s website, but committing to producing a monthly or quarterly newsletter is where the problem usually comes in. We’ve set up a list of how-to’s to make sure you get your newsletter produced (and that it boosts the traffic to your website at the same time).

The main concern is the generation of content for the newsletter. A wealth of material can be sourced from blogs as well as from existing articles that have been written internally. By creating links to items on a company’s website or to archived articles, more traffic can be generated. Basic search terms should be used in the title, headline and body of the article. This will pump up the SEO success of your newsletter. Posting regular newsletters will also boost your company’s ranking on the search engines, so be sure to publish at least monthly.

Newsletter do’s and don’ts

An interesting newsletter which contains useful information will prompt a reader to visit the company website or blog. Avoid boring or irrelevant information in your newsletter and focus on articles that will be useful for the readers. Include graphics and images and make sure that the format is visually pleasing and draws the reader in. Embedding videos into newsletters is becoming increasingly more popular as a means of driving traffic to a website or blog. Remember that people like to click around, so links to videos, infographics and Flickr pages are a good idea.

Don’t make the newsletter too long or include so much text that the reader has to scroll down through multiple screens in order to read it. One solution is to create short blurbs about the articles and have these linked to the full story on your website. If anything catches their attention, the reader will have to click through to read the full story, thereby increasing traffic to the website. Links also improve search engine ratings, which impact on organic search traffic.

In summary, an email newsletter should include the following elements to boost organic search traffic:

  • Including links to the company website or blogs
  • Regular publication
  • Use of basic search terms
  • Interesting and relevant content
  • Short and concise format

Follow these simple tips and your email newsletters will generate increased traffic to your company’s website or blog.

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