How to word your wedding invitations

November 29, 2011 · Print This Article

Writing your wedding invitations can be tricky. The most important aspect (besides including all the details of the day) is making sure you are communicating in the right voice.

The tone of your invites should be a direct reflection of the tone – and level of formality – you are planning for your big day. If you are planning a formal wedding, the wording of your invitations should also be formal.

Putting in the right amount of time and effort in the wording of your invites will help set the tone and ambience of your wedding – you might not even have to include the dress code if people can tell how formal or informal your wedding will be from the wording of your invitation.

Here are some of the most popular ways to word wedding invitations:

  • If the bride and groom are hosting: Kim Jones and John Hall (optional: together with their parents) request your presence at their wedding…
  • If the bride’s parents are hosting: Mr. and Mrs. James Jones, request your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Kim Jones to John Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Hall…
  • If the groom’s parents are hosting: Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Hall, request your presence at the marriage of their son, John Hall to Kim Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Jones…
  • If both pairs of parents are hosting: Mr. and Mrs. James Jones and Mr. and Mrs Lucas Hall invite you to the wedding ceremony of their children, Kim and John…

What needs to be included in your wedding invitations?

The most important information to be included in your wedding invitations includes the following:

  • Date: You can state the date in any way you like, 1st of May 2011, first of May 2011, 1 May 2011, May 1st 2011 etc.
  • Time: Here you can also use whatever you feel comfortable with, 4 pm, 16h00, 16:00, four o’clock in the afternoon etc.
  • Venue: If your ceremony and your reception are at different venues, communicate this clearly so that guests will know where to go after the ceremony. Street addresses are important if your guests are out-of-towners. Including a roadmap is the best option.
  • Children and dates: If you aren’t planning to host children at your wedding, say so in your wedding invitations. Parents need to make arrangements for babysitters so it’s better to let them know as soon as they receive their invitations. The same goes for dates. If your guests are allowed to bring dates, communicate this in your invitation.
  • RSVP: If you need a headcount for the catering you can include an RSVP-date.

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