How X Frame banners can benefit your business

June 22, 2015 · Print This Article

X frame banners have certainly made an impact within the marketing world. They are a certain type of display banner and are simply ideal for use at trade shows, fairs, indoor advertising outside stores, exhibitions and similar. What makes the X Frame Banner such a good advertising choice? While there are a multitude of reasons why you should choose this particular banner, the fact that it offers such a high quality and affordable advertising medium is one of the top considerations. When buying one of these banners for your business, you will be making a sound investment.

Some additional features of X Frame display banners for you to consider:

  • These banners typically offer a 600mm x 1600mm advertising space for you to print your high quality advertising message/company details.
  • The banner is made from high quality non-curl PVC which ensures durability and strength.
  • This banner frame is simple and straight forward to set up.
  • Once folded up, the banner is very compact and can be stored quite easily in a small place.

Where to find X frames in Polokwane

At Minuteman Press in Polokwane we offer high quality X Frame display banners to the market. These banners are designed to be highly visible and ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. The fact they are made from PVC also means they can withstand exposure to the elements and won’t fade or show wear easily. We can assist you with having your banner printed with your existing artwork, or we can work closely with you to design artwork that perfectly represents your business or product and its brand.

For all of your professional printing queries, be sure to give Minuteman Press Polokwane a call today.