Ideas for horticulture catalogue design

March 16, 2012 · Print This Article

The horticulture industry (which refers to those specialising in science or art of cultivating gardens, vegetables, fruits or flowers) is a niche market. When concentrating on your horticulture catalogue design, you should keep this in mind. Consumers interested in browsing your horticulture brochure tend to be relaxed and creative individuals who respond to bright colours and illustrations.

While the industry is rather competitive, there is always room in the market for a well-designed and thought out horticulture catalogue which will appeal to your consumers’ needs.

Designing an effective horticulture catalogue

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when designing your catalogue:

  • Appeal to your audience: In this regard you should tailor your entire catalogue design around your consumers. Speak their language, use relevant terms to describe products and features and relate to your prospective consumers.
  • Pictures are worth a thousand words: Make use of bright colourful photos to illustrate your products. Photos can bring to life a mere description and showcase precise detail. Consider cropping photos to accentuate details even further highlight special or remarkable features of your products and make it even more appealing.
  • Strong call to action: This universal principle of any sales document needs to emphasise what you want your target consumer to do. Include a strong call to action in your catalogue design which will encourage the consumer to invest in your products.
  • Branding: Remember that the catalogue will ultimately represent your brand. It should be seen as the perfect opportunity to build your brand among your target consumers and further expand your market reach and dominance.

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