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The year-end office parties and functions are important for a number of reasons. No wonder they have become a tradition for many a business. Throwing a party at the end of the year for your staff is important for more reasons than you think. It brings staff together, allowing them to socialise more informally and get to know each other on a level other than a business one, which can strengthen relationships. They can also shape the culture of a business, making it a fun place to work and be in. Lastly, they are an excellent platform for showing appreciation of your staff in a public space, mentioning workplace and personal achievements or milestones. No matter the size of the company, it can create a family-like experience, leaving your staff feeling nurtured and content and probably a bit tipsy too.

It’s a tough job to constantly come up with new, fun ideas for office parties. Depending on your budget, you may wish to outsource the entire gig to an eventing company, but not all companies are fortunate enough to have those kind of budgets. So, here are five office party ideas to get you thinking in the right direction, along with ideas for the invitations too!

  1. Mexican Fiesta: While most folk have experienced a Mexican party in one form or another, you have to admit they’re generally a lot of fun. Props like sombreros, maracas, stick-on moustaches and ponchos will enable a great photo booth. Good food in the form of nachos with guacamole, chimichangas and tortillas and drinks like margueritas or tequila are a great recipe for a successful party. Don’t forget party piñatas – not just for kids!

Invitation idea: cut-out of cactus; fresh or dried chillies attached to the envelope.

  1. Ten-pin bowling: Find and book out the entire venue, with enough coaches to show the newbies the ropes. A lot of people have been ten-pin bowling once or twice in their lives and will soon remember it’s a lot of fun. Typical food includes foot-long hot dogs, chips in cartons, milkshakes etc (American diner style).

Invitation idea: Use a picture of the pins close-up and cut and paste the faces of the exco team onto them, to get a few laughs.

  1. Recording studio: A step up from the tired Karaoke parties, this will see your staff singing their hearts out, but having it recorded as well. While there will be a lot of reservation at first, getting the boss to go first will definitely break the ice.

Invitation idea: An invitation made to look like a VIP backstage pass on a lanyard will get people talking.

  1. Art appreciation: Organise a visit to an Art Gallery with an interesting exhibition – and get an art dealer to explain a bit about the art on display. Offering champagne and upmarket snacks can lend this idea a bit of class.

Invitation idea: Use a print of a famous piece of art as the backdrop for the invitation, with wording printed over.

  1. Casino Royale: With formal dress required, this James Bond type theme will appeal to a lot. Roulette tables, pokers and other card games of chance are played in a room set up as a casino, using non-monetary gambling chips. Drinks should be shaken, not stirred…

Invitation idea: Don’t reveal too many details in the wording, other than the venue and dress code, and include a few of the gambling chips in the envelope.

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