Improve your business’ sales with postcards

November 14, 2011 · Print This Article

Postcards can be a great marketing tool – if you use them correctly and you’re smart with your design, printing and distribution. Many companies use postcard marketing because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to improve your business’ sales within a short period of time. Read some tips on how to reel in more customers with postcard marketing.

Improve your business’ sales

Here are a few creative ideas to generate more business with postcards:

  • Make your postcard look like an invite: There’s a better chance of your target audience reading your postcard if you make it look like an invitation (especially if you are going to distribute the postcards in the mail). Use copy like: “You have been invited to test out our new range of cars”, for example. If you can incorporate a special promotion with your campaign, it will definitely increase your chances of generating more leads and sales.
  • Use a cheque or coupon design: When you design your postcards, make it look like a cheque or a coupon. Letting customers know that they need to bring their postcards to the store will help you track your success rate.
  • Use photos of the product: Printing pictures of products will generate a much better response than simply printing the name of your products on the postcards. Use high quality pictures of your products (and include the prices) to draw attention. Be careful to not overcrowd your postcards though – make sure your text is easy to read and understand.
  • Make it hard to say no: List all the features of your product or service with special reference to any discounts, specials and guarantees. If you’re offering a great product or service, make sure your target audience knows that they should be buying from you.

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