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April 29, 2016 · Print This Article

Although email, ebrochures and ebooks have become a popular means of marketing, it has not eradicated the use of printed paper as marketing material. Postcards for example, have been used as a means of communication between friends and family for a long time.

However, postcards can also be used for corporate purposes but let’s first have a look at the benefits of postcards:

  • Postcards are easy to make. You have limited space to work with which makes it easy to find a focused, key message.
  • Postcards are quite economical. It is a cost effective marketing solution for most small businesses.
  • Postcards are flexible and you can target your audience directly.
  • You can track the success of a marketing campaign with postcards. Simply add a coupon or promotion code to track the effectiveness of your intended message.
  • Postcards are also effective in that they are quick and easy to read, minimising the chance of your audience losing interest in your message.

Here are some alternative corporate uses for postcards:

  • Thank You Cards – An innovative way to thank you most loyal clients.
  • Announcement Notices – Notify clients of new sales, products, events or upcoming promotions.
  • Special Appreciation – For your customers, or employees.
  • Marketing – Build brand awareness and increase leads.
  • Reminders – Remind customers about annual sales, events and more.

Postcards are an innovative, cost effective marketing solution for small businesses with many alternative uses that can benefit your business.

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