Printers Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is one of South Africa’s most diverse provinces. With the dry Karoo on the west, the green East and over 800 kilometres of coastline, this province has something for every adventurer.

The Eastern Cape is also home to Port Elizabeth, the most economically significant city in the province. Port Elizabeth, also known as the “Windy City”, ranks number five in South Africa’s group of large cities and it has the third largest port in the country. Port Elizabeth is part of the garden route, which draws many tourists throughout the year. The city has grown tremendously due to the expansion of the city’s harbor facilities as well as upgrading project throughout the area. Port Elizabeth, as well as the coastal town of East London (which is also a large city in the Eastern Cape) has become prime business areas that require many printing services, such as flyer printing, business card printing and poster printing on a regular basis.

Here are some other attractions in the Eastern Cape:

  • Rhodes University in Grahamstown is renowned for its media and journalism departments. Many of South Africa’s top journalists studied at the institution. There are also many arts festivals and a thriving student life in Grahamstown.
  • Addo Elephant Park was proclaimed a National Park in 1931, when there were only 11 elephants in the Addo area. The park was formed to protect the elephants, which were being hunted and becoming extinct. Thanks to the enclosed nature reserve and a finely tuned ecosystem, the park has over 200 elephants today. In 1981, the Addo Elephant Park was opened to tourists.