Business Card Printers in East London

Business card printing in Vincent (East London) has become a much-needed service. The Vincent Park shopping centre, which recently announced they will be undergoing a R40-million upgrade, is a popular place for business people to meet. The Vincent Park centre has continued to grow over the past few years (in 2007, a R105-million revamp project was announced to include another 4 3000 square feet of mall space), giving company owners even more restaurants and coffee shops where they can network.

Business cards are an important part of networking in Vincent. The community forms an integral part of East London, which is home to over 400 000 residents. Although East London’s economy is greatly dependent on the thriving motor manufacturing industry, the affluent suburb of Vincent is filled with estate agents, business consulting firms, investment companies, restaurants, clothing stores, shoe boutiques and other companies who have all needed business card printers in Vincent at some point.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have business cards on hand when doing business in Vincent. Not only do these cards present you in a formal light, but they also serve as a business reminder. Business card printers in Vincent (East London), Minuteman Press, specialise in digital business card printing solutions. Digital business card printing is more cost-effective than other printing methods (such as lithographic printing) because there are less setup costs for this type of print run.

How it works: With lithographic printing, plates are created to transfer the image of your business cards onto a rubber sheet, which is then transferred onto the printing surface. While the unit cost of each business card may be lower for litho printing (as opposed to digital printing), these setup costs can be pricey. Digital business card printing gives top-quality, consistent business card printing solutions at much cheaper rates.


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