Printing Companies in Benoni

Benoni is a busy suburb on the East Rand of Gauteng. The suburb’s humble beginning dates back to 1881, when the surveyor-general of this time had difficulty assigning title deeds to a nameless property. Since then, gold was found in the area and a mine was established. Printing companies in Benoni have contributed to the economic success of the city. Thanks to local community newsletter printing, brochure printing and eventually billboard printing, many companies in the area have been able to market their products and services to local residents.

Benoni rapidly grew into a thriving mining town and a number of reservoirs, dams and other beautification measures were taken to help develop this town to the thriving city it has become today. Mining has become a less important industry in Benoni, but the suburb has continued to remain a service hub for the many nearby suburbs in the East Rand. Benoni has a culturally diverse society and the area was chosen for the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival in the 1990’s (for which printing companies in Benoni printed a considerable amount of brochures and leaflets).

Some of the local attractions in Benoni include the Lakeside Shopping Mall, which was built to resemble a large steamboat on a lake. There’s also a local museum and an international cricket venue in Benoni. Printing companies in Benoni are regularly contracted to help promote events and specials at these venues.

The many cultural festivals, industrial activities and automotive businesses are enough to keep print companies in Benoni busy producing banners, posters and business cards. Minuteman Print provides a full-spectrum printing service where you can get all your printing done under one roof. We also provide great deals for new business start-ups.


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