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Business cards are a tried and tested marketing and networking tool. They are easy to carry around (much easier than finding a pen and paper each time somebody needs your contact details), it reflects what type of service you can offer and it is something that can be passed on to potential clients. Business card printers in Silverton (Pretoria) are constantly printing business cards for the myriad of businesses in the area.

Although lithographic printing (also known as litho printing) is the most common printing method for large commercial print runs, many business card printers in Silverton are converting to digital printing presses. With digital business card printing, the design of your business card is saved as a digital file and this data is transferred to the printer. Besides avoiding complex printer set-ups, you have access to a wide choice of colours and an easy way to make corrections if you need a last-minute change (with lithographic printers, you will need to make a new press plate for any change).

Silverton is situated close to the N4 / N1 interchange and it is near the Wilgers Hospital, the CSIR, the Pioneer Open Air Museum and the National Botanical Gardens. This is a great area to network, do business and hand out your new business cards. If you are looking for cost-effective, expertly designed business cards, contact business card printers in Silverton – Minuteman Press. We offer unmatched quality and the quickest turn-around times!


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