Business Card Printers in Strijdom Park (Randburg)

Business card printers in Strijdom Park (Randburg) have helped many companies and business people present themselves in a credible light, exchange contact information, get more business contacts and generate leads. Having a business card ready during meetings an inexpensive and effective way to network!

In the past, business card printers in Strijdom Park used the traditional lithographic printing presses for business card print runs. With lithographic printing, the images, details and graphics you want displayed on your business cards are burned onto a plate, which is then transferred to a rubber sheet, and then onto the paper surface. During this process, water and ink are kept separate (water is attracted to the open spaces on the business card and ink/oil is pressed onto the paper via ink rollers).

Digital business card printing, on the other hand, is easy to set up and provides more flexibility (if you need to make a text change on your business card, you can easily modify the text if the business card printers are using digital printing methods, whereas a new plate will have to be made for lithographic printing). Digital business card printing also offers you the convenience of ordering online as well as the option to use variable data input to insert different names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers on the card.

Strijdom Park is an exceptionally busy suburb of Randburg and the area boasts a number of entertainment facilities, restaurants and coffee shops. If you are looking for a way to make sure people remember you, contact reliable business card printers in Strijdom Park (Randburg), such as Minuteman Press, to give you top-quality, affordable business cards.


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