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Pietermaritzburg, often abbreviated to PMB, is the capital of South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province and the second largest city in the province (after Durban). The modern city hosts many annual sports events, outdoor arts and music festivals and it is a thriving hub for the dynamic commercial industry.

Large format printers in Pietermaritzburg have been contracted to produce many large prints for events held in this city. Minuteman Press, a large format printer in PMB, uses a specially designed inkjet printer that has the capacity to print in formats up to 2m wide and 50m long, making sure that everyone in the city knows about upcoming events, corporate rebranding and advertising campaigns!

The picturesque city of Pietermaritzburg has a country feel to it and a number of corporate companies have relocated to Pietermaritzburg due to the peaceful, yet busy atmosphere. The many educational institutions, community facilities, shopping malls and schools regularly need large format printers in Pietermaritzburg to print banners, signage and posters.

Pietermaritzburg is the gateway between South Africa’s economic hub and Durban. The local iron ore mine, university, sports events (such as the international Dusi Canoe Marathon) and Midmar Mile are held in PMB.

In order to promote local history, Pietermaritzburg has a number of self-guided Town Trains which will take you around the city’s prominent landmarks. There are over 50 national monuments in the PMB city centre and some of these landmarks are using Pietermaritzburg’s banner printing to promote their historical significance and history.

Large Format Printing is the ideal way to create quality, high-res billboards in the PMB area. Instead of investing in heavy duty printing machinery, contact Minuteman Press for all your large format printing needs!

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