Large Format Printers in Pinetown

Pinetown is a small but busy city near Durban in KwaZulu-Natal. There are many car dealerships in Pinetown, which has lead to the area receiving the nickname “motor town”. There are also many do-it-yourself shops along the main road of Pinetown and the local cricket club is the oldest in the province.

The Westmead industrial area is home to a number of industrial and manufacturing companies, such paper and cardboard companies, a window / blinds company, engineering firms, packaging companies and a long list of other manufacturers that has lead the area to become a thriving industrial town. Large format printers in Pinetown are often busy designing posters, banners and signage for these industrial companies.

One of the events that also puts large format printing companies into overdrive mode is the annual Supermotard National event, which draws huge crowds to Pinetown. This race involves putting slick tyres on scramblers and racing through the streets of Pinetown. Invariably, visitors of the town as well as locals have seen banners made by large format printing companies in Pinetown at some point in time. Minuteman Press is the leading large format printer in South Africa, providing clear, large billboards that match your advertising goals in Pinetown.

Minuteman Press uses a specially designed inkjet printer with the capacity to print in formats up to 2 metres wide and 50 metres long. Large format printing is used for larger than life marketing – get your company or service noticed with billboards, murals and indow graphics in Pinetown!

Minuteman Press provides all types of printing services in Pinetown. Our services are also ideal for new business start-ups because you can get all your printing done under one roof. If you need large format printing, contact us for quality, high-res billboards in the Pinetown area!


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