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Tyger Valley is one of the major suburbs of Cape Town. Driving through this busy suburb will expose you to many large format print jobs. The catalogue printing, mural printing and banner printing are all done by large format printers in Tyger Valley. This method of printing requires the use of an advanced inkjet printing machine that prints on a roll of material (as opposed to individual sheets) to create eye-catching advertisements.

Tyger Valley is known for its unique shopping experience, with huge shopping centres and recreational facilities. One of the well-known landmarks of Tyger Valley is the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre. This mall has over 270 stores, including exclusive boutiques, popular restaurants, curio shops and international eyewear, beauty, jewellery, luggage and interior décor shops. Large format printers in Tyger Valley offer an important service for these stores because it is their service which provides the fuel that the large number of retail, clothing and restaurants need to stand out from the rest.

Large format printing is affordable when you consider the number of customers you will reach. Instead of handing out flyers or pamphlets, create a larger than life mural or catalogue that will leave a lasting impression on passer-by’s!

Some of the night time attractions near Tyger Valley include the Barnyard Theatre and the Bellville Velodrome (which was initially developed for the South African Olympic bid in 1999) hosts a number of music events. The Bellville Velodrome is considered to be one of the main concert venues in Cape Town and many of the events held at this venue have used large format print companies in Tyger Valley to produce banners, catalogues and huge posters about the events.

Minuteman is a large format printing company in Tyger Valley. Contact us for large format catalogue, poster and banner printing today!

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