Introduction to Graphic Design Elements

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Visual communication is perhaps the most important feature of your business. Without a consistent logo, you would probably have no loyal customers. It refers to the way your business tools appear both online and offline. Examples of such tools include product packages, posters, advertisements and publications.

As a rule, your Cape Town company should have a distinctively noticeable logo design. Let an experienced designer creatively combine words, images and symbols to create an outstanding emblem. The choice of colour, font size and style depends on the type of business you are in.

Elements for graphic designing

For any logo design to take shape the designer must come up with tools or make use of information such as photographs. In so doing, he should liaise with the business owner or director to determine the best direction to take. The following are the common elements of logo design:

  1. Typography

This refers to the art of combining computer characters, images, sizes and shapes to form a layout. A designer can either choose from pre-existing templates or engage other designers to make new types of typography.

These professionals are typographers, compositors, art directors and graphic artists and the digital era has opened new avenues for all these. In this regard, you do not have a justification for a poor logo design.

  1. Page layout

When you obtain graphic design services, you determine what the page should look like.  Page layout therefore refers to the paper’s quality, texture and other visual elements. The page layout varies from one business to another and depends on what the individual designer wants to achieve. Basic page layout elements include:

  • Text style
  • Image placement
  • Computer-generated graphics
  1. Printmaking

Printmaking is the stage where a designer transfers the impression to paper through printing. Here, your business interests and objectives dictate what material the designer should print the artwork on.

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