Invest in Affordable Fourways Finishing and Laminating Services

January 8, 2014 · Print This Article

Ensure all your files will always be protected from damage and wear. Do this by investing in Fourways finishing and laminating services – with great customer service, quick results and at an affordable price!

When your child receives certificates for school academic, sport or cultural achievements, you can have them laminated to ensure that they’ll never deteriorate. This makes them easy to simply mount on the wall, stick on the fridge or show to your friends and family without if getting damaged in any way. They will also be well protected against moths when you store them for posterity!

Important documents like matric certificates, university degrees, college diplomas and training diplomas can be easily and safely displayed once they are professionally laminated. This also means that they will be protected from dust, spills and fading over time, ensuring that they always look as good as the day you received them.

Instructions on how to operate certain machinery in the workplace, safety rules and employment regulations should always be clearly on display for all employees. Out in the open, however, they are unlikely to even last a few weeks before they are damaged, dusty or torn. Laminating these important documents will keep them looking clean and professional and the laminated surface will make them easy to stick onto walls or machinery without them getting damaged or torn.

Take advantage of cost-effective finishing and laminating services from Minuteman Press

If you’d like to add something extra to your laminated documents – for example, punch holes that make for easy hanging – you need to talk to professionals like those at Minuteman Press Fourways, who can offer you a wide range of finishing and laminating services.

Find out more about the great value-adding products and services on offer and find out how Minuteman Press can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today!

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