Invest in customised envelope printing in Sunninghill

May 28, 2016 · Print This Article

Looking for professionally printed envelopes that impress clients and make your business highly visible? Minuteman press Sunninghill has the solutions and printing reputation to help you increase the reach of your company brand.

Your personalised business envelopes are an effective marketing tool that will grab the attention of your clients. A great-looking envelope makes people want to open your letter.

The top 3 advantages of customised envelopes

  1. Brand awareness: The use of simple subtle company branding print on an envelope will get noticed by your clients. Even if you only print your logo it will have a positive effect.
  1. A posted letter holds a personal touch. Subconsciously, on receiving a beautiful presented envelope, you have personally affected and started or rekindled a connection with your client or prospective client.
  1. Time saver: Your company secretary will be spending more time on more important things than hand written addresses and client details. Not to mention displaying your company’s image and standard of professionalism by using neat, tidy and effective designs.

Standardized printing information for company envelopes:

  1. Return company address
  2. Company logo
  3. Company name
  4. Tagline or call to action: This is purely at your own discretion

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Minuteman Press in Sunninghill has a team of experts who are available and ready to assist you in all your queries when it comes to envelope printing and design. Ask one of our team members to take you through the steps and ensure you have the perfect marketing tool for your company.

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