Large Format Printers in Kensington

March 3, 2011 · Print This Article

Kensington is one of the older, more established suburbs in Johannesburg. Situated near Joburg CBD, this area has become a trendy place where artists, musicians and academics like to meet for business and social activities. There are a number of attractions in Kensington, such as the picturesque Kensington Golf Course and Rhodes Park.

The hilly suburb of Kensington is known for its older buildings and houses (many of which have been refurbished over the past few years). Instead of spending money on brochures or flyers that are given a once-over and then discarded, get the most bang for your buck by contacting large format printers in Kensington for banners and posters that everyone will notice.

As the marketing industry becomes more competitive, so do the possibilities of large format printing. Most printing companies in Kensington invest in the normal commercial printing machines, such as litho printers, digital printers and so forth, but few of them have printers that can produce larger-than-life poster and billboards. What sets Minuteman Press apart from other printing companies in the area is their inkjet large format printers. Besides all the normal office stationary, pamphlets, brochures and other print jobs the company can do, they are also able to produce mega-sized banners, billboards and murals thanks to their in-house large format printers.

If you want your next poster, billboard or banner to stand out, make sure you contact Minuteman Press for large format printing. Our specially designed large format printer can give you clear, beautiful graphics in extra large sizes.

Minuteman Press is a leading large format printing company in Kensington. We use the latest technologies and offer the most competitive prices to ensure you get the printing solutions you need!

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