Leadership and Mentoring Training – 27 May 2013

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MMP Kempton 2We had another great training day at SEESA on the 27th of May.  Our trainer was Paul Rothmann, one of the presenters on SABC2’s Pasella, he presented himself as a true leader.

I was inspired by the whole course and it motivated me to look my fears in the eyes get courage together and take the business world on as a true leader.

We learned a lot about physical and metal leadership and we were taught to be better mentors in our workplace.

I am very thankful that our company gives the employees the opportunity to attend the training sessions at SEESA, I find that both me and the company will benefit from training as I will gain more knowledge and by me gaining more knowledge I would contribute to the company by sharing my knowledge.


MMP Kempton 3The Leadership and mentoring course we attended was presented very well by Paul Rothmann (it also helped that the facilitator was so pretty! ).

The basics come down to reflecting on yourself as a person and leading by example, most things we know but have just forgotten or become slack on as time has gone by: Stick to your morals and values, remember your goals and with hard work and perseverance you can achieve them. And throughout the course content that was reiterated – and we all felt inspired to be better than we are.

He also taught us a very “different” exercise on how to overcome fear: “Imagine you are walking through a forest… you find a suit of armour made just for you! You put the armour on and grow taller than the trees! And no-one can touch you, you’re invincible!” A bit odd, but it worked!

Overall it was interesting to note how we all had something we could work on, we were encouraged to think and be at all times be aware of our shortcomings and ways to better ourselves… A GOOD MENTOR IS STILL ALWAYS A STUDENT… you are learning new things every day, we just have to step back and be willing to learn no matter how much we think we already know.


MMP Kempton 4I always wondered which leadership style is the best and if my style will get the results I want.  After attending the Leadership and Mentoring Training at Seesa on 27 May 2013 it all made sense.  I now understand that we use the different styles in different situations to get the results we require.

We had to write down our strong leadership qualities as well as the ones we lack.  What an exercise.  By doing this I had to be honest with myself and realised that there is room for improvement.

For a team to work together they need to have a common goal.  Our goal at Minuteman Press Kempton Park is to be a leading, state of the art digital facility in South Africa.  We strive to have the right person doing the right thing at the right time.  And offer opportunities to be the preferred supplier for all printing needs where customers can have peace of mind when dealing with us.


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