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Thanks to desktop printers and small printing shops, most people are familiar with the digital printing process. But how much do you know about litho printing? Read this explanation from Minuteman Press to learn more about lithography:

The litho printing process is based on the principle that water and oil do not mix. It involves a unique printing method using water with oil based products which are placed under pressure between customised plates, resulting in high quality graphics being reproduced every time. When it comes to bulk jobs, there is no other printing solution that offers the efficiency and effectiveness of the litho printing process.

Litho printing is one of the most popular printing options available to date. There are many reasons why people prefer the litho printing process to other printing techniques.

Advantages of litho printing

Here are some of the advantages of litho printing:

  • You can print on a variety of different surfaces. One of the major advantages of litho printing is that it is compatible with many different types of material besides paper, including wood, CDs and cloth.
  • The high image quality is unbeatable. The high image quality produced by litho printing is unmatched by any other printing technique.
  • Quality and cost effectiveness for high volume jobs. In terms of needing to produce a high volume of prints within a budget, litho printing is the ideal option. If you need to produce prints in bulk, the price decreases per unit as the quantity increases, thus becoming more cost-effective per print.
  • Fast printing speed. The speed at which litho printing machines operate is extremely vast. Modern lithography machines can print up to fifty thousand sheets per hour.
  • Increased sharpness of images. The litho printing process ensures the sharpness of images, which results in clearer and more precise reproductions.
  • Ideal for large-scale jobs. One of the many advantages of litho printing is that it’s ideal for large format printing, such as banners, billboards and giant posters.

Minuteman Press offers both digital and litho printing services in Cresta. Please contact us for more information today.

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