Three types of banners and their uses in Pinetown

June 21, 2015 · Print This Article

Banners aren’t just homemade jobs done on your desktop printer, they can be really beautiful, eye-catching pieces that get eyes on your brand and spread your message. There are also many different types of banners to choose from. Here are three banners you can have printed in Pinetown, plus some information on which one would be best for your requirements.

PVC hanging banners

These banners are printed to your size specifications and then each corner is fitted with a metal eyelet; extra eyelets can be added along the edges of the banner if necessary. Rope is then looped through each eyelet and the banner is stretched out and hung using this rope. These banners are hard wearing and perfect for outdoor use such as at golf tournaments and other sporting events.

Roll up banners

Roll up banners are rolled inside their own metal cylinder. They come with a metal stand and the banner is rolled out from the cylinder and hooked to the top of the stand. These are long rectangular shaped banners which stand up and are best used at exhibition stalls, outside of shops to display new product offerings or specials, or used to advertise an event 

X-Frame Banners

X-Frame banners have the same advantages as roll up banners in that they can stand up on their own and don’t need to be tied to anything. Unlike the roll up banners, they use an “x” shaped frame to reinforce the banner and hold it upright. These aren’t really recommended for outdoors as they can blow over, but are perfect for indoor use at conferences and in retail spaces.

For any type of banner, make sure you go with good quality printers such as Minuteman Press in Pinetown. We offer every type of printing you can think of, including all the banners mentioned above. We have graphic designers on site and can print small-scale jobs such as business cards and brochures. Contact us for more information.

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