Let Richards Bay Minuteman Press Help Your Medical Practice with Printed Medical Material

June 23, 2014 · Print This Article

The health care industry has quite unique printing requirements, with printed medical material often giving an indication of the level the practice is at. If you visit a doctor’s rooms, you will most probably see posters on the walls and leaflets on the tables. You will be presented with a branded prescription, you may receive a business or appointment card and your receipt will bear all of the doctor’s important information.

Ordinarily, arranging the production of so many diverse pieces of material would require the expertise of several different individuals, usually spread over a few different companies. There would be a graphic designer creating the relevant logo and layouts, a printer specialising in business cards, a secondary printer with the financial acumen and equipment to create receipts, someone designing the wall posters and so on.

However, one company in Richards Bay has seen a gap in the market and taken their own outstanding reputation to ensure doctors can spend less time worrying about fragmented service delivery from their printers and more time doing what they are there to do – help people. Keep reading to find out more about the whole process.

What printed medial material does Minuteman Press in Richards Bay offer?

As mentioned above, the Richards Bay branch of the Minuteman Press chain of printing specialists has taken a unique approach to try and assist those in the medical profession. They have created the Doctor’s Combo, a unique combination consisting of prescription pads, appointment cards and receipt books.

Although this may seem like a standard offering, creating these materials takes a significant amount of industry-specific knowledge. Apart from the fact each piece of collateral is of a different size, shape and material, there is the added legal implication of printing items such as prescription pads.

An untrustworthy printing service could make a huge amount of money falsifying and selling documents of this nature – but we are professionals through and through, with a reputation for excellence.

Apart from t the Doctor’s Combo saving money, by virtue of the fact that we specialise in bulk printing, it also adds an unparalleled level of convenience. We have in-house graphic designers who make sure your practices’ vision is maintained and represented, expert printers and copiers who deliver excellent work and secondary services such as colour copying to back up the physical material we give you.