Litho vs. Digital printing – why some people prefer litho printing in Sandton

June 21, 2013 · Print This Article

What’s the difference between litho and digital printing? Minuteman Press Sandton explains why some people continue to choose litho printing:

Litho printing or offset printing is still a popular choice today despite the invention of digital printing which is quicker and more convenient. Litho printing works on the basic principle that water and oil do not mix. Water and oil-based ink are rolled onto a customised printing plate. Oil-based ink will not stick to non-image areas and as a result of this, only the inked image is transferred to the material that is being printed.

This technique is the printing method of choice when it comes to printing in large quantities because of the economies of scale. If you require a lot of prints in high quality, then this method of printing would be suitable for you.

Benefits of litho printing

  • Printing on different surfaces: One of the advantages of litho printing is that you can print on materials other than paper. Litho printing can work on materials such as wood, leather, cloth and even metal.
  • Getting high quality prints: Litho printing results in very high quality prints. This is why litho is the printing method of choice when it comes to printing brochures, pamphlets and photographic catalogues.
  • Lower costs are associated with litho printing: Another advantage of litho printing is the fact that it becomes a lot more cost effective when printing a large quantity of prints. The production costs are lower when compared to other forms of printing such as digital printing. This affordability means that many businesses choose this printing method for printing marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets and other promotional prints.

Whether you need litho or digital printing services in Sandton, Minuteman Press is the go-to company. Give us a call for more information now!

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