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April 12, 2015 · Print This Article

Inasmuch as printing documents for your business processes is indispensable, it comes at a cost. Printing represents a significant part of your budget and if there are ways of cutting it down, why not.

Some business activities demand that hundreds of documents be printed every day and each printed page is a cost that accumulates to chew a chunk off your overall budget. It may seem of no consequence when you and your staffers print one page at a time, but as said, ‘a bag of sugar is emptied by a teaspoon at a time.’ With the cost of ink and paper forever on the rise you would save yourself a lot of money by managing your printing needs with prudence.

Only Print Materials that are Necessary

One way of cutting down on your printing costs is to print only what is necessary. In this age when digital documents and files provide you an alternative you can easily choose what and what not to print. There are essential items such as sticker labels for mailing purposes, packaging slips, legal documents and others which you cannot avoid printing, but other documents such as memo pads, maps, baseball scores, invoices, etc. can be substituted by digital ones. Furthermore, it is a lot easier and much less expensive to email an electronic invoice than sending a driver to deliver a printed one, as an example. You can make full use of your emailing facility as a means of cutting down on printing costs and digital documents can be converted to PDF and archived for continuous use.

The fact of the matter is, every conceivable document you are used to printing can be reproduced in digital form and it is up to you as a business person to streamline your printing requirements.

If you have a problem deciding what documents to print and which ones to cut from the printing list, get in touch with Minuteman Press in Krugersdorp for sound advice and at the same time, we will offer you professional printing services for those documents that do need printing. Contact us now and let us help you make prudent business decisions.

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